Top things to do in Saudi Arabia

Top things to do in Saudi Arabia
Top things to do in Saudi Arabia

Top things to do in Saudi Arabia

  • Visit Farasan Island
  • A tour of the historical markets in Jeddah
  • Hide among the thirty million palm trees
  • Camel riding near Riyadh
  • Walk to the end of the world
  • Visit Al Bujairi Heritage Park
  • A tour of King Abdullah Park
  • Jeddah Corniche
  • Fakih Aquarium


The most important activities and fun experiences in Saudi Arabia


Visit Farasan Island


Farasan Islands captivates you with the sight of its white beaches that shine like pearls and its rural landscapes that have enjoyed their beauty throughout history; This island is a paradise as it is a haven to discover the simple life on the Red Sea, with the opportunity to dive and snorkel, and enjoy the biodiversity of land and sea.


A tour of the historical markets in Jeddah


The local markets have been a large part of Jeddah for generations and the souks bear witness to the lifestyle in any region and express the culture of peoples throughout the ages. The historical souks preserve ancient tales and stories of ancestors just like books.

If you want to get to know a particular people, go to their markets.


The Market Street runs along Bab Makkah and is a gateway to other markets scattered throughout the region, some of which are more than 140 years old. If you’re a cultural shopper – you need look no further than the alleys of the Bedouin market and Souk Al Alawi – where you’ll find local fabric shops, incense, bakeries and all kinds of goods that showcase the true essence of Jeddah.

And do not forget at the end of your tour to visit the antiques market, which was left by those who lived in this place, and they left and their memory remained.


Hide among the thirty million palm trees

If you are looking for a getaway from the city life, head to Al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The area is famous for its stunning green and vibrant palm trees in addition to its calm atmosphere and deep serenity. With 30 million palm trees, you  should feel harmony with nature.

Al-Ahsa is famous for having the largest date farm in the world, which everyone wants to taste because it has a delicious and distinctive taste in addition to its nutritional benefit.

Buy some souvenirs from Al-Ahsa Market as well, a local market filled with local delicacies, from oud to abayas, incense, and other trinkets that will decorate your life forever.


Camel riding near Riyadh

Camels are of historical importance across the Arabian Peninsula for their role in transporting goods along famous trade routes, including the Silk Road and the Incense Road. Head 70 kilometers west of Riyadh to Al Reem Reserve to see camels up close. Book a camel caravan tour there, then enjoy falconry and Bedouin camping experiences in the reserve.


Walk to the end of the world


One of the most famous tourist destinations in Al-Riyadh for walking and adventures lovers, it is called the edge of the world or the end of the world and Mount Fahren, where its visitors cross a winding road along the heights leading to the Tuwaiq Mountains, or finally to high altitudes that captivate you with their beauty to realize that their visit is worth the risk. It is located approximately 90 minutes’ drive from Riyadh.

It offers various views towards the horizon that enable you to contemplate the beauty of the sunset. The dramatic scenes helped turn the place into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Riyadh.


Visit Al Bujairi Heritage Park


A very traditional place where you will find the unique old market including modern Arabic cafes and restaurants, restaurant to serve special Saudi food. It’s a fun evening entertainment experience.


A tour of King Abdullah Park


In fact, it is a comfortable park worth visiting. The park includes many facilities, the most important one is a water lake surrounded by family sessions to enjoy a distinctive scene. It is a good place to go to spend time with the family, as well as a wonderful fountain and a magical forest with artificial animals and flowers it looks like a really great experience. You can also listen to some local singers sing to get to know the region more through them. And you can eat many local foods that are served, in fact it is a nice place to visit with your family and enjoy your time. It also offers some snacks that you can buy from there.


Jeddah Corniche


It’s a great place for a stroll or a run, and is located along the Red Sea. The Corniche features a coastal road, pavilions, entertainment areas, and many historical sculptures. Moreover, it houses the King Fahd Fountain, the highest fountain in the world. You can rent bikes for all ages and ride along the bike path, and there are also many small stalls selling food, coffee and snacks. In addition, it has great playgrounds for children including a small water park.


Fakih Aquarium

The only aquarium in Saudi Arabia, one of the most important experiences in the city of Jeddah, as it shows the underwater lifestyle with an attractive and unique design. Do not think of visiting Saudi Arabia without planning to do the Fakih Aquarium experience.

Also, enjoy a wonderful view of the dolphins. If you are a fan of watching dolphins and enjoying their charm and intimate beauty, it is the most suitable place for you as it offers a special show for dolphins to share the joy of the moment with your family and friends.