Top Authentic Experiences in Salt Jordan

Top Authentic Experiences in Salt Jordan
Top Authentic Experiences in Al Salt Jordan
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Top Authentic Experiences in Al-Salt

  • Visit Abu Jaber Museum
  • Visit Alkhader St
  • Visit Hammam St
  • Visit Beit Aziz

1-Visit Alsalt

2- Local Experiences at Hanan Workshop

3- lunch at Beit Aziz

3- Henna Experience

4- Play Al – Mancala game


Al – Mancala game with Marah Al-Masri


The experience includes explaining to the visitors about Al – Mancala game, and its history as well, how to play it, teaching the visitors how to play it, explaining its physical and mental benefits, and living a unique experience within half an hour in the city of Al-Salt.

After passing days, and after spending it busy at work all day to fund the family, the elderly who are over the age of 65 gather in the city of Al-Salt in Al-Ain Square specifically to play the power protractor game that only those who were exhausted by life were aware of their pleasure in transporting stones from one place to another in the Simple and ancient game.

Al – Mancala game is called the retired game, it requires a lot of intelligence and focus just like the game of chess, and Al – Mancala game came from the act of moving stone from one place to another in the wooden pits of this game.

As for the way it is played, it is usually held in cafes or public squares and takes place through matches within two teams, and the protractor consists of two opposite wooden boards, and in each board there are seven holes and in each pit there are seven stones, where the number of holes is 14 jars and the number of stones is 98 stones.

Marah Al-Masry is an activist from the city of Al-Salt who takes us through a half-hour trial to learn more about Al – Mancala game, how it is played, its history, and the way each stone is moved.

5-Hadab Experience


 6-Visit Beit Fatima