Top things to do in Saudi Arabia

Top things to do in Saudi Arabia Visit Farasan Island A tour of the historical markets in Jeddah Hide among the thirty million palm trees Camel riding near Riyadh Walk to the end of the world Visit Al Bujairi Heritage Park A tour of King Abdullah Park Jeddah Corniche Fakih Aquarium   The most important …

Mosaic Experience

The Mosaic Experience   What makes the mosaic experience in Beit Al-Biruti so important is that the mosaic is the backbone of tourism in Madaba where mosaic floors and paintings are also widespread, which attract visitors and tourists from everywhere.   The mosaic in Madaba is a national treasure, as it is considered an attractive …

Top Authentic Experiences in Salt Jordan

Top Authentic Experiences in Al-Salt Visit Abu Jaber Museum Visit Alkhader St Visit Hammam St Visit Beit Aziz 1-Visit Alsalt 2- Local Experiences at Hanan Workshop 3- lunch at Beit Aziz 3- Henna Experience 4- Play Al – Mancala game   Al – Mancala game with Marah Al-Masri   The experience includes explaining to the …

Best Authentic Experiences in Madaba

Best Authentic Experiences in Madaba Visit Sawwah Center  in Madaba Mosaic Experience Henna Experience Weaving Experience Memorial Photo in Madaba Traditional Dress    

Authentic Experiences in Jerash

Best Authentic Experiences in Jerash You can Do the following Local Experiences cooking with locals Hiking at Deebin Ecotour with locals Beekeeping experience Visit Jerash Bazar   1-Bee keeping experience with Ibtsam 2- Tour at Sakib   3- Sakib Hiking  Trail – Jarash   4-EcoTour At Dibeen Reserve

أتلَّبسُّ بِه / كـَ جِنّية ..,

تَصُّبُّ لَعنآتِ ... See more

مآ آروع آن تقول لـ شخص مآ ؛

آنآ آحبگ ♥ و یجیبگ قآئلآ ... See more

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