Online Madaba Heritage Trail

Online Madaba Heritage Trail

Madaba Heritage Trail

Madaba heritage trail is a pedestrian route dedicated to cultural, heritage and religious tourism.

It is 2 km long and is located in the old town of Madaba in Jordan, linking the most important architectural and historical landmarks of the city.

Trail details The visitor will follow the route at the Madaba Visitor Center and head to the Madaba Institute of Mosaic Art

the only institute in the world specializing in the teaching of mosaic art.

Then head to the Madaba archaeological park, which includes parts of the city’s Roman roads.

Visitors then pass through the tourist street and the craft markets

then head to the burning palace, the Church of the Martyrs, and then St.

George’s Church, where the map of Madaba is located.

Then the visitor goes to the Ottoman Saraya House, then the Church of St.

John the Baptist (Latin Monastery) and the Madaba Archaeological Museum, until the path ends at the Church of the Apostles.

lunch at Beit Al Beiruty made by Madaba local community and try Authentic experiences.