Mosaic Experience

Mosaic Experience
Mosaic experience
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The Mosaic Experience


What makes the mosaic experience in Beit Al-Biruti so important is that the mosaic is the backbone of tourism in Madaba

where mosaic floors and paintings are also widespread, which attract visitors and tourists from everywhere.


The mosaic in Madaba is a national treasure, as it is considered an attractive tourist material, in addition to the ancient historical values. Madaba is one of the most famous cities in the world that includes across its lands ancient symbolic paintings (mosaics).

Mosaic experience in Madaba
Mosaic experience in Madaba


The experience includes explaining in detail about mosaic art, its history, the civilizations that worked with it, the ancient character of this art, and enabling the visitors to make their own piece of mosaic art.


The mosaic painting

The mosaic painting is usually drawn regularly by a large number of small colored pieces,

so that they are as a whole a picture that represents landscapes, geometric shapes, or human or animal paintings.


Mosaic is a source of livelihood for the residents in Madaba city, in addition to being an important tourist attraction. Therefore, the people of the region are keen to learn this art and promote it as well, through continuous pioneering interactive partnerships.



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