Top Things to Do Al Lweibdeh

Top Things to Do Al Lweibdeh
Jabal Al Luweibdeh

Top Things to Do Al Lweibdeh

  • Visit Darat Al Funun
  •  Wak at Al Baouniyeh street
  • Al Sharia’a Street


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Jabal AL’weibdeh or weibdeh  one of Amman’s oldest districts

weibdeh  has a dynamic contemporary arts scene, and some of the best galleries are within walking distance of each other in the charming neighbourhood of Jabal Al Lweibdeh and you’ll find different atmospheres from other parts of the city. Its shaded lanes and attractive stone architecture.



Galleries & Art space

Darat Al Funun
Makan Art Space
Dar Al Anda
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts