How to eat Mansaf like Jordanians

How to eat Mansaf like Jordanians
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Mansaf is the most famous and popular meal that shows the Jordanian dish. I assure you that if you taste the Jordanian Mansaf, you will never forget this experience and sing a beautiful melody like the Arabic songwriter Fayrouz: “Give me the milk cooker and pour it over the rice alone.!!” Now, all your thoughts that claim that Mansaf may expose you to the injury of bullying, and learn how to eat Mansaf like Jordanians, the world is fleeting and as the famous phrase says: If not now when? If not you who?

What are you waiting for? What is your excuse now?

History of Mansaf:

Before the Mansaf exploded, did you think that while you were eating, you were reviving a long historical memory? Mansaf is not just a way to fill your belly but its history dates back to the time of King Misha ‘al-Mu’abi until 147 BC. M. (Founder of the city of Karak – according to historical books).

The books also mention that King Misha ordered that the kingdom of Mawab – a historic name for a Jordanian mountain range stretching from the north coast of Karak to Shoubak – be cooked with milk and acknowledged that those who do not eat this meal are not proselytizers.

The poet said: “Mansaf with chicken does not satiety Jordan, only Mansaf with meat”

The Mansaf consists of rice and yoghurt, which gives it a yellow color, as well as onions and various kinds of spices, on request. It is usually decorated with parsley, coriander, and a lot of pistachios, fried almonds or pine nuts.

Most importantly, when you apply for a dish, ask for it with a meat, as the poet said, so the Jordanians prefer it.

You know now immediately how to eat Mansaf like Jordanians, because Mansaf needs (the strength of the heart, it is not eaten by stomach only), and here in this article our duty is to help you by mentioning some of the main rules: Silence:

Imagine that you are standing in front of an ancient historical statue. Is it appropriate to speak? Of course not, so keep your mouth close while eating this delicious Jordanian dish.

The spoon should not be used:

If you get yourself to use the spoon, keep it away from you immediately and remember that the pleasure of the Mansaf in the pillage of the rice ball, and toss it in your mouth, as a goal came in the last minute of the final. Mansaf only one hand:

The proverb says (one hand is unable to clap but is able to eat Mansaf). Rolling Rice Ball:

To learn how to eat Mansaf like Jordanians you have to learn well how to do the ball of rice, as this distinctive snapshot is one of the most important customs and traditions in eating Mansaf among Jordanians. All you have to do is to plant your fingers in the dish of Mansaf and add the rice to each other according to the size of your fist, and arrange it using your thumb, now do you remember the thrill of winning the last minute of the game? Yes, it’s a rice ball!!! have you visit Jordan before? Did you eat the Mansaf in a restaurant with a spoon? It’s not too late, you can come back soon, and eat it like Jordanians until you feel the joy of victory!

Do not care if you have contaminated your clothes, otherwise why did they invent automatic washing machines?! Do not care about the crunch, a little exercise will help you remove it. Tell me, did you pollute your clothes now?

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