Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve

Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve
Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve

Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve


Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve is a unique wetland that is a stopover for migratory birds from three continents.

it is famous as a place to watch and watch birds,

Visitors to the Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve have the opportunity to closely monitor birds through walkways and caches, including rare local and migratory species


Features of Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve: The Blue Zone is rich in cultural history due to its strategic location and water resources. It was famed as a station for pilgrims and camel convoys, and Lawrence’s link to Arabs in its citadel during the Arab revolution.


Population around the Blue Aquatic Reserve: For the local population, Al- Azraq Society is made up of three different ethnic origins:

• Bedouins
• Chechnya
• The Druze Each has different beliefs and traditions.

The most important archaeological sites around the Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve: it has many important archaeological sites which are easy to access.



Famous desert castles:


  • Short Amra:

Qasir Amra is one of the most important Umayyad archaeological sites to date and one of the world heritage sites.

Its interior walls cover many frescoes dating from 700 BC.

  • Al-Kharana Palace
  • Blue Castle.


Activities in the Al-Azraq Aquatic Reserve


  • The track of Kassab

Accompanied by manual or without

Length of the corridor: 1.5 km

Duration: 30 minutes



The wooden walkway leads you through the wet and dry areas to a platform overlooking the artesian ponds. These ponds previously supplied wetlands with millions of cubic meters of water.

After leaving the podium, the passage takes you to an old basalt wall built mostly at the time of an Umayyad caliph.

The corridor will then lead you to the Bird Watching Building, which is made of local brick, where you can see migratory birds and some water buffaloes.

Follow the corridor to return you to the visitors center of the Blue Aquatic Reserve, passing through another part of the old basalt wall.


Dates of visit to the water reserve:


Winter: 9 am to 4 pm

Summer: 9 am to 6 pm

  • Bicycle Tours in Blue:

  • Round Bicycle Bottom

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate


Distance: 12 km

Duration: 2-3 hours


The tour starts from the Blue Inn passing through the Blue Water Reserve

And then stand on the bottom and follow up to the local Blue Farms area and return to the Blue Inn again.

On this journey, you will tour around the Blue Aqueduct where the road passes through the wide clay surfaces of the Al-Qaa and the Eastern Desert.


 Blue Village Bicycle Tour


Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Distance: 22 Km

Duration: 4-5 hours


Start from the Blue Inn through the Blue Water Reserve, the wetlands, the mud plains at the bottom and the hatchery.

The ancient Druze village, the poet’s palace, the modern Blue Village, and the Blue Castle Before the tour ends at a local resident’s house for tea and a snack This tour gives visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of the Blue Region.


  • Bus tour in Blue (All year round), accompanied by a local guide Class: Easy Distance walking distance: 2 km Distance by bus: 7 km Duration: 2-3 hours


The bus takes you from the Blue Inn to the nearby Al- Azraq Castle, which was used as a military base by the “Lawrence of Arabia” during the Great Arab Revolt.

After that, the bus will pass through the ancient Druze village. From here, the tour will continue for a distance of 2 kilometers to Ein El Sail, a country house built by the Umayyads. The bus will be waiting for you to take you to the local Druze home for tea and a light traditional meal before returning to the hostel.



Menu of dishes and drinks at the Blue Aquatic Reserve

  • Al- Azraq Nazl Restaurant

Enjoy delicious traditional dishes.

Method of preparing dishes and drinkers in the aquatic reserve:

They are prepared by ladies from the local community where the inn has a great restaurant with a distinctive character.

The price in the restaurant is JD 14 per person


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