Yarmouk Forest Reserve

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Yarmouk Forest Reserve

The Yarmouk Forest Reserve, where greenery and beauty

and the contrast between colors are like the painting of an artist accustomed to drawing beauty.

In fact, the main purpose of theReserve is to reduce the negative human influences on it.

Yarmouk Forest Reserve
Yarmouk Forest Reserve



In the north of Jordan, 115 kilometers from the capital Amman Governorate

towards the northernmost corner of Jordan, northwest of Irbid Governorate, Bani Kenana

between its plain and plateau, and it’s spring environment, is the 20.5 km Yarmouk forest.

A scene captures the hearts, captures the eyes.

Surrounded by the forests of Yarmouk, many villages, including: the village of Malakah

which is located east of the reserve, it is worth mentioning that the area of ​​Umm Qais archaeological located west of the protected.


The importance of the Yarmouk Forest Reserve:

The reserve was constructed to maintain a proportion of the pattern of low-lying oak forests

where the site contains the best representation of these forests in Jordan, in addition to the tree tree is the national tree in Jordan.


How do you enjoy the Yarmouk Forest Reserve?

If you do not try tea on a hill overlooking the Yarmouk Forest

the Reserve overlooks three countries where you can see the Syrian Golan Heights, the Sheik Mountains in Lebanon and the mountains of Palestine.
What distinguishes them is that it lies within the path of migratory migration between three continents (Asia, Europe, Africa)

and its plateaus, located in the north-eastern part of it, overlook the Yarmouk River, giving it uniqueness among the evergreen trees.


A chance to return to the Roman era, where a Roman water channel was discovered in the Yarmouk Forest Reserve by the German expedition, located along the city of Jadra in underground tunnels.

One of the most distinctive experiences in the Reserve is the 2-km (2-km) track

which was established in 2018 so that the visitor can see the facilities of the reserve and promote the site as an ecotourism product.

At the end of the path awaits you in order to allow you to free the memory from all that is sad by enjoying the miracles of nature and beauty.

Birds in the Reserve

The Bird Forest Reserve records 104 species of birds

equivalent to 26% of the Jordanian birds that belong to 26 families

such as resident birds (the brown eagle).

In addition, recorded birds are nested and migrated and the punishment of the pyramids of the most prominent.

The importance of the Yarmouk Forest Reserve is an area for bird migration as it is located within the Jordan Valley and within the migration path between three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa).


Plants in the  Reserve

The total number of plants recorded in the Reserve is about 256 plant species belonging to 49 families.

It is classified as 37 medicinal species, 18 species used for decoration, 8 species of wood composition, 17 edible species, 39 species of palatable livestock, Toxic types.

Animals in the Yarmouk Forest Reserve

43 species of animals were recorded in the  Reserve and are divided into thirteen families

including mammals, rabbits and carnivores.





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